Brooklyn Compounding PharmacyAn interesting turn of pharmaceutical events is the return to compounding. Compounding is the side of pharmacy in which our pharmacists have to “make your medicine.” What that really means is, that anything that needs to be manipulated by an individual that is not already produced in large-scale manufacturing (or prepared, packaged and dispensed as-is) can be considered to be compounded.

A compound can be a cream, ointment, injection, suppository, capsule…almost anything. The art (and profession) of compounding dates back thousands of years and continues today. Having the right pharmacy compounding your prescription could make all the difference.

At Irving Pharmacy, we compound for a vast array of faculties of medicine, including: analgesia or pain relief, infertiliy, pediatrics, infectious diseases, cancer, dermatology and homecare (just to name a few). Our professional compounding staff is trained and experienced in the field and has compounded numerous prescriptions through the years.

We use only the purest FDA approved ingredients. Our chemicals are all tested and have a pedigree of efficacy, safety and quality. Quality assurance is constantly reviewed to ensure that we are using only the purest and highest quality ingredients for our patients. Alongside our commitment to quality is our research and knowledge. We are always researching for better, more effective ingredients to use that will optimize the efficacy of our compounds. Whether it is a better penetrating cream base or an increased solubility for a powder in solution, we constantly look for ways to improve our products for our patients.

As professionals, we are committed to preparing the purest, safest, most efficacious compounds for our patients. Simultaneously, we are always learning and improving on our knowledge about chemicals, techniques and break-throughs in medicine. We believe that our performance is directly related to our compounds as customer satisfaction. We not only take pride in our work in compounding, we stand behind it!

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