Q & AWhat is a specialty medication?

Specialty medications are high-cost, injectable, and oral, infused, or inhaled medication. Most have one of the following attributes:

  1. Are self-administered or administered by a health care provider and used or obtained in either an outpatient or home
  2. Have special storage or handling requirements such as needing to be
  3. Need close monitoring, on-going clinical management, and complete patient education and
  4. Most are not be available at retail

What is the Specialty Pharmacy Program? 

Appropriate use of specialty medications is important in maintaining or improving your health and your quality of life We designed a Specialty Pharmacy Program to provide the resources and personalized support you need to help you manage your condition.

Why do I have to use a specialty pharmacy? Can’t I fill my specialty prescriptions at my regular pharmacy? 

Irving Specialty Pharmacy offers more than just prescriptions. We provide much needed extra services such as clinical support and focus primarily on specialty medications which need special handling and storage. For specialty medications you take on your own not given by a health care professional, we’re able to give you additional support through our Specialty Pharmacy Program.

My prescription is with my retail pharmacy. How do I Transfer or Refill a Prescription?

For specialty medications you take on your own, our specialty pharmacy team will be able to help you transfer your active prescriptions from your current pharmacy. If you’re out of refills, the specialty pharmacist will contact your doctor to get a new prescription.

RX RefillsMy prescriptions sometimes are refilled late or have no refills. Are refill reminders available to me?

We help make refill reminders a breeze making therapy adherence achievable. Your specialty pharmacy will call you a few days prior for your refill date. We also work with your doctor to make sure refills are done one a timely basis.

I currently receive a 90-day supply of my medication. Can I continue to get a 90-day supply?

Most specialty medications are covered up to one-month supply of medications, depending on your current benefit plan and product packaging. We understand and realize this may be a change for you, and we will work with you to make this transition as easy as possible.

Can I speak with a pharmacist at any time?

Yes! Just call the toll-free member phone number that can be found on the label of your prescription or any printed documents that were sent to you including the Welcome Kit you received with your first shipment.

Are there any financial support programs available?

Yes. To find out if a financial support program is available to you, visit our  Resources page.

What should I do if I have problems with my medication?

Your Irving specialty clinical pharmacist can answer your medication-related questions. We are also available after hours and on holidays.

Why should my doctor send my prescription to Irving Pharmacy?

Doctors prefer and depend on Irving Specialty Pharmacy over other pharmacies because they know that we have a large stock the of the majority of specialty medications currently prescribed and are experienced in their state of the art uses.

Can I send in my prescription via fax?

Irving Specialty Pharmacy can accept only original prescription drug orders from patients. Faxed prescriptions can be accepted only from the prescribing practitioners.

What is common time for a new prescription order?

While there is no set standard and each order varies depending on a patient’s insurance and medication needs, we typically contact a patient within 24 to 48 hours of receiving a new order. We will verify all of the patient’s information, and then call the patient back to notify them of the copay amount.

Do I have to be at home to receive my medication?

You must be at home or have someone at your home to receive and sign for a pharmacy delivery. If you are unable to be at home, we can have your medication delivered to an alternate address (e.g. a work address, a family member, a neighbor, etc.).

How soon can I get a refill?

Please call us to order a refill at least one week before you need the medication. If we have a current prescription on file, we can have your medicine delivered promptly. Please call us at 718- 484-8510 whenever a special need situation arises.

What should I do if my dose changes?

If your dose changes, please call us immediately so that we may obtain a new prescription from your doctor.

How do I dispose of unused medications?

For information on how to dispose of unused medications, please visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.

What if my insurance does cover my medication, however the copay is too high? 

If your copay is too high, we have an extended list of copay discounts cards for eligible orders. Rebate programs vary from one Drug Company to another. You may be required to have some form of insurance for a rebate program to be applied, even if your insurance company rejects the claim. Ask us if you have any questions about your particular prescription, or whether it may fall under a rebate program.

What if my insurance does not cover my prescription and I can’t afford it? 

Ask our staff to connect you with the appropriate foundation/resource that will best meet your needs. You may qualify for assistance through specific manufacturer programs at no cost to you. Please note: specific terms and conditions may apply.

Why should I use Irving Specialty Pharmacy instead of my regular pharmacy?

We maintain a well-stocked inventory for specialty and chronic prescription medications. Our team of professionals are experts in many facets of specialty pharmacy including infectious diseases, hepatology, infertility, compounding and more. Also, we constantly perform drug utilization reviews for each patient so that we can ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness of all drug regimens and therapies. Our pharmacy staff works closely with physicians and their staff so that we maintain clear lines of communication for our patients. This not only increases patient safety, it creates an ongoing collaboration between doctor and pharmacy which can improve the success of each patient with respect to their prescriptive and therapeutic needs. At Irving Specialty Pharmacy, we strive to create smarter, happier and healthier patients.


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